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1.Which type of Work do you have?

a.A-1 Soft have all kind of Works which can be done from Home, 
-we have Blog Development Work  
-Blog Content writting
-Cab services
-Air Taxi services
-Travel Search Engine Optimization
-Travel Domain Parking
-Travel Domain Selling & Link Selling
-Domain Hosting
-Travel Domain Buying & Selling
-Consultancy Services
-Financial Advisory
-Online Sales and Marketing 

2.What Kind of Computer / Internet Access Do I Need?
a.You should have  good speed Internet
connection / wifi, latest PC / Laptop.
[note- With dongle and tabs or mobile, you can't do this job.]
3.How Do I Know if I am Ready to Learn Online?
a.You are the best person to know yourself,if you know how to use
Facebook,Tweeter, WhatsApp. You can Work with us.

4.How Flexible is the Course Schedule?
a.Anytime whenever you are free.

5.What is SOHO ?
a. SOHO -Small office Home office.

6.How Long Will It Take Me to Finish My Work?
a.It depends on the Work.

7.What is the Time Commitment ?  
a.A-1 soft is very flexible with time,
we give you full liberty to do your Work.

8.Which type of Work you give ?
a.We don't have same Work for everyone. It totally depends
on you which Work you want to do with us.

9.What are the industry you serve?
a. Airlines, Aviation, Business, B2b, B2C,
IT, HR, Travel Search Engine Optimization
Travel Domain Parking, Hotel, 
Travel Domain Selling & Link Selling
Domain Hosting
Travel Domain Buying & Selling
Consultancy Services
Financial Advisory

10.What type of content writting Work?
a.-Blog writting
-Story writting [ Fiction]

11.What is the payment mode?
a.In India,via bank transfer and In abroad via credit card and paypal. 

12.From when you can start the Work?
a.Once you are ready to Work and comfortable with concept, you can start Working.

13.How can you claim that its a recession proof?
a.The Asia's Best Global Recession Proof Information Technology Blogging Services provided by Group of Pilots
 and IT and Management Professionals. India, Asia and entire World is going through a very bad era of Globle Recession and
to fight with that we have made all our concept very Low Cost, No Frill and Win-Win, which can be done from  Home itself.

14.Which type of training you provide?
a.A1 soft provides two type of training 
-Free Training -It is for those who want to Work less and earn less.
-Paid Training - It is a professional tarining and it is for those who
 want to earn more and for long term.

15.Training is free or paid ?
a. A1 soft have both kind of Training.

16.Will I have to pay a fee for training?
a.A1 soft provides two type of training 
-Free training 
-Paid training

17.Is the training compulsory or voluntary?
a.In most of the case it is compulsory  but if you know the Work you can start.

18.What do I need to do to become certified?
a.You need to take proper online paid training and test. 

19.Is there any investment involve?
a. Not in most of the small Work but some of our business we may require ,small investment of Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000.

20.Why do you pay less as compare to other companies?
a. Since it's a time of global recession, our rates are very compatative with our compitators in most of the
case. But in some cases if you are ready to take primary responsibility of the Work ,we can pay you up to 90% also.

21.Are you a big company?
a. A-1 Soft Corp is a very Small Sized Newly establishing Player in the Global Cloud SEO, Travels And 
Tourism IT Market promoted by Asia's Best Aviation SEO services AeroSoft Corp.
 We have more then 500 Blogs on different Domains.
 During the time of Global Information Technology Recession A-1Soft eyes upon Exploring other Global Blogging, 
IT, SEO, Travels And Tourism b2b and b2c Markets. A-1 Soft Corp is a very much Client  Oriented  Global Blogging, IT,  SEO, Travels And Tourism b2b and b2c Market. We wish to provides our Clients very Economic Cloud Blogging Solutions with  Faster Speed and Less and Affording Cost. We have Only 50 Projects and approx 500 Blogs as of now and  having a Target of about 500 Projects and more then 5000 Blogs in next 5 Years.

22.Why do i need to invest ?
a. Those who want to earn more they have to. 

23.I am very good in sales and marketing , do you have any Work for me?
a. During the time of global recession the demand for right sales and market professionals are very high,
We most welcome them on board.

24.Why do you need young professionals ?
a. Young Professionals  are ready to Work and learn new things and can Work more and have less ego problems.

25. Who is an ideal person for this Work / Job?
a. Any professional above the age of 21 Yrs, ready to learn new business with very positive attitude,
even in the time of globle recession.

26. I run cooking classes. how can you help us ?
a. We welcome all type of professionals to join us with our Work.

27.I run tution classes. how can you help us ?
a. We welcome all type of professionals to join us with our Work.

28.I have beauty salon. how can you help us ?
a. We welcome all type of professionals to join us with our Work.

29.I run tiffin centres. how can you help us ?
a. We welcome all type of professionals to join us with our Work.

30.I run painting classes. how can you help us ?
a. We welcome all type of professionals to join us with our Work.

30.I am ready to start, How can you help us ?
a. We welcome all type of professionals to join us contact Farheen or Shekhar now.

Joining / Training  Form  

1. Full Name : ....................
2. Address:.................................
3. Nationality:..................................
4. E Mail Id .......................
5. Sex : ..................
6. Occupation :..............................
7. Phone / Mobile : [ ]....................
City :
State :
Country :
WhatsApp No :
Facebook Id : 
Linkedin    : 
Twitter     : 
8. Your past experience and background :
9. What you are doing currently :
10. Your company [ if any ] :
11. Suitable time for calling.:
12. Any other information you would like to share. :


13. Address Proof : [ Any 1 ] No : 

14 ID Proof : [ Any 1 ]  No : 

15. Any Work Information you would like to share. :



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Relating Marketing Concept and Exam Experience.

·        80% of concept generated by 20% reading of the material & half of concept was lost in recalling 30% unclear, ambiguousconcept.
·        Attracting customer is easy retaining them is difficult similarly reading concept is easy retaining them during exam is difficult.
·        Energy cost, effort cost, time cost generated to meet value is compensated but here all cost generated during preparation fail to meet satisfaction level.
·        Like marketing Myopia, till morning we were happy (for short term) that our concept level is productive but after seeing question paper true thing was realized.
·        Look through customer eyes for creating value and give something extra similarly our answers will be seen by our view and hope to get something extra.
·        BCG model says Dog stage is applicable when a company has low share and low growth after seeing question students were in DOG stage with low related concept share and low retention rate to recall.
·        ANSOFF model fails during exam either to move with different concept in different section or same concept in different sectionor different concept in same section to meet gap of expected memory and actual memory.
·        Mc Kinsey 7s' (student, skill, style of writing, source of memory, shared values to attempt all question,structure approach, system of brain fails to make strategy to write answers to the benchmark.
·        Marketing environment here exam environment was neither favorable with micro factors (controllable factors) -memory,energy,concept,nor with macro factors uncontrollable (limited time, question).
·        Porters 5 force model changes during exam- entrant to new section pose threat to mind,no suppliers to help in clue , competition, no substitution for multiple
·        Students in cluster have similar preference “God save me please”.
·         Attack strategy in marketing vs. attack of question in exam –
a)     frontal attack
b)bypass- situation of no concept pass to other question 
c)guerilla - no idea what is going on
d)flank - unable to use memory of concept
e)encirclement- attack from all side

Shikha Swarup  [MBA Aviation / HR ]
Management Intern

SpiceJet Airlines Ltd

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Best Online Marketing Training |Blogging and SEO Training in Indore |

SEO Training course details 

Course duration  :  3 Months
                    4 Days a Week 
                    1 Hr Per Day 

Eligibility Criteria :  Min 12 Class Pass 
Syllabus   : 
Basic SEO Training
For marketing of a Blog or a website on your own, it is important that you are well 

aware of search engine optimization technique. It is better if you get SEO training 

before putting your efforts to create a buzz about your company.

The training program is designed giving lot of attention towards basics of SEO. 

Modules covered in this training program are as follows:

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Off page Optimization Theory 
Module 3 – Off Page Optimization Practical
Module 4 – Blog Optimization Basics Theory
Module 5 - Blog Optimization Basics Practical
Module 6 – Advance SEO
Module 7   Advance SEO Strategies
Module 8 – Queries

The total course duration is of min 45 days and each module will be covered 6 days. 

SEO Training  is the best service provider and once you have hooked up with the 

trainer, you can be sure of getting out the desired results. Ranking and placement 

methodologies are the only things to follow in order to withstand in the 

competition and rank well for the particular Keyword.

Qualification : Must have Good English and Computer savvy

Fees structure  : Rs 1500 Per Month 

Step by Step explanation of all the topics as given below will be done with 
Best Examples in our SEO Training sessions
What are Search Engines?
Types of Search Engines
How Search Engines work and how they rank Blogs or  websites based upon a search 

term ? 
What are Directories and how do they differ from Search Engines?
Difference between Search Engines and Directories
How do you monitor the performance of your website in the search engines?
Introduction to SEO and what it involves
What is the importance of search for Blogs or websites 
What are the areas of operation for Search Engine Optimization Professionals
Keywords - the Key to successful SEO
What is the importance of Keywords in SEO? 
How do you search for the right Keywords that will help bring in the most traffic?
What is Keyword density and how should you optimize Keyword density for the search 

What is Keyword prominence and how does it effect the SEO efforts?
How should Keywords with two or more words be ideally placed within the webpage? 

What is Keyword proximity?
What is the effect of adding images in the webpage from the SEO perspective and how 

can you optimize images within the Blog or webpage ?
What is Keyword stuffing and why you should avoid it?
What is Google PageRank
More on GoogleBot - Google's web crawler
What is the Google dance and deep crawling
What are Google Advanced Operators
Tuning the Meta Tags

Important factors that effect search engine rankings
What are the advantages of a site map for SEO?
Should you use image maps?
What is the best way to use splash or flash intro pages?
How do you optimize Javascript within your webpage?
How can you optimize the use of frames within the webpages?
How can you use CSS to hide Keywords in pages that are deficient in Keywords and 

What is site popularity?
Good and Bad SEO Techniques
What are doorway pages?
What are Hallway pages?
Do dynamically generated pages such as with ASP get indexed by the search engines?
What is cloaking?
What are the reasons for which I could get penalized by Google
White hat SEO Techniques
Black hat SEO Techniques
Link Popularity and Linking Strategies
How to give a press release and get instant in-bound links and traffic

Call for more details :  09826 00 88 99