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Relating Marketing Concept and Exam Experience.

·80% of concept generated by 20% reading of the material & half of concept was lost in recalling 30% unclear, ambiguousconcept. ·Attracting customer is easy retaining them is difficult similarly reading concept is easy retaining them during exam is difficult. ·Energy cost, effort cost, time cost generated to meet value is compensated but here all cost generated during preparation fail to meetsatisfaction level. ·Like marketing Myopia, till morning we were happy (for short term) that our concept level is productive but after seeing question paper true thing was realized. ·Look through customer eyes for creating value and give something extra similarly our answers will be seen by our view and hope to get something extra. ·BCG model says Dog stage is applicable when a company has low share and low growth after seeing question students were in DOG stage with low related concept share and low retention rate to recall. ·ANSOFF model fails during exam either to move with different concept in d…

Best Online Marketing Training |Blogging and SEO Training in Indore |

SEO Training course details 

Course duration  :  3 Months
                    4 Days a Week 
                    1 Hr Per Day 

Eligibility Criteria :  Min 12 Class Pass 
Syllabus   : 
Basic SEO Training
For marketing of a Blog or a website on your own, it is important that you are well 

aware of search engine optimization technique. It is better if you get SEO training 

before putting your efforts to create a buzz about your company.

The training program is designed giving lot of attention towards basics of SEO. 

Modules covered in this training program are as follows:

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Off page Optimization Theory 
Module 3 – Off Page Optimization Practical
Module 4 – Blog Optimization Basics Theory
Module 5 - Blog Optimization Basics Practical
Module 6 – Advance SEO
Module 7   Advance SEO Strategies
Module 8 – Queries

The total course duration is of min 45 days and each module will be covered 6 days. 

SEO Training  is the best service provider and once you have hooked up with the