Relating Marketing Concept and Exam Experience.

·        80% of concept generated by 20% reading of the material & half of concept was lost in recalling 30% unclear, ambiguousconcept.
·        Attracting customer is easy retaining them is difficult similarly reading concept is easy retaining them during exam is difficult.
·        Energy cost, effort cost, time cost generated to meet value is compensated but here all cost generated during preparation fail to meet satisfaction level.
·        Like marketing Myopia, till morning we were happy (for short term) that our concept level is productive but after seeing question paper true thing was realized.
·        Look through customer eyes for creating value and give something extra similarly our answers will be seen by our view and hope to get something extra.
·        BCG model says Dog stage is applicable when a company has low share and low growth after seeing question students were in DOG stage with low related concept share and low retention rate to recall.
·        ANSOFF model fails during exam either to move with different concept in different section or same concept in different sectionor different concept in same section to meet gap of expected memory and actual memory.
·        Mc Kinsey 7s' (student, skill, style of writing, source of memory, shared values to attempt all question,structure approach, system of brain fails to make strategy to write answers to the benchmark.
·        Marketing environment here exam environment was neither favorable with micro factors (controllable factors) -memory,energy,concept,nor with macro factors uncontrollable (limited time, question).
·        Porters 5 force model changes during exam- entrant to new section pose threat to mind,no suppliers to help in clue , competition, no substitution for multiple
·        Students in cluster have similar preference “God save me please”.
·         Attack strategy in marketing vs. attack of question in exam –
a)     frontal attack
b)bypass- situation of no concept pass to other question 
c)guerilla - no idea what is going on
d)flank - unable to use memory of concept
e)encirclement- attack from all side

Shikha Swarup  [MBA Aviation / HR ]
Management Intern

SpiceJet Airlines Ltd


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