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1.Which type of Work do you have?
a.A-1 Soft have all kind of Works which can be done from Home,  -we have Blog Development Work  
-Blog Content writting -Cab services -Air Taxi services -Travel Search Engine Optimization -Travel Domain Parking -Travel Domain Selling & Link Selling -Domain Hosting -Travel Domain Buying & Selling -Consultancy Services -Financial Advisory -Online Sales and Marketing 
2.What Kind of Computer / Internet Access Do I Need? a.You should have  good speed Internet
connection / wifi, latest PC / Laptop. [note- With dongle and tabs or mobile, you can't do this job.] 3.How Do I Know if I am Ready to Learn Online? a.You are the best person to know yourself,if you know how to use Facebook,Tweeter, WhatsApp. You can Work with us.
4.How Flexible is the Course Schedule? a.Anytime whenever you are free.
5.What is SOHO ? a. SOHO -Small office Home office.
6.How Long Will It Take Me to Finish My Work? a.It depends on the Work.
7.What is the Time Commitment ?  
a.A-1 soft is very flexi…