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SEO Training course details 

Course duration  :  3 Months
                    4 Days a Week 
                    1 Hr Per Day 

Eligibility Criteria :  Min 12 Class Pass 
Syllabus   : 
Basic SEO Training
For marketing of a Blog or a website on your own, it is important that you are well 

aware of search engine optimization technique. It is better if you get SEO training 

before putting your efforts to create a buzz about your company.

The training program is designed giving lot of attention towards basics of SEO. 

Modules covered in this training program are as follows:

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Off page Optimization Theory 
Module 3 – Off Page Optimization Practical
Module 4 – Blog Optimization Basics Theory
Module 5 - Blog Optimization Basics Practical
Module 6 – Advance SEO
Module 7   Advance SEO Strategies
Module 8 – Queries

The total course duration is of min 45 days and each module will be covered 6 days. 

SEO Training  is the best service provider and once you have hooked up with the 

trainer, you can be sure of getting out the desired results. Ranking and placement 

methodologies are the only things to follow in order to withstand in the 

competition and rank well for the particular Keyword.

Qualification : Must have Good English and Computer savvy

Fees structure  : Rs 1500 Per Month 

Step by Step explanation of all the topics as given below will be done with 
Best Examples in our SEO Training sessions
What are Search Engines?
Types of Search Engines
How Search Engines work and how they rank Blogs or  websites based upon a search 

term ? 
What are Directories and how do they differ from Search Engines?
Difference between Search Engines and Directories
How do you monitor the performance of your website in the search engines?
Introduction to SEO and what it involves
What is the importance of search for Blogs or websites 
What are the areas of operation for Search Engine Optimization Professionals
Keywords - the Key to successful SEO
What is the importance of Keywords in SEO? 
How do you search for the right Keywords that will help bring in the most traffic?
What is Keyword density and how should you optimize Keyword density for the search 

What is Keyword prominence and how does it effect the SEO efforts?
How should Keywords with two or more words be ideally placed within the webpage? 

What is Keyword proximity?
What is the effect of adding images in the webpage from the SEO perspective and how 

can you optimize images within the Blog or webpage ?
What is Keyword stuffing and why you should avoid it?
What is Google PageRank
More on GoogleBot - Google's web crawler
What is the Google dance and deep crawling
What are Google Advanced Operators
Tuning the Meta Tags

Important factors that effect search engine rankings
What are the advantages of a site map for SEO?
Should you use image maps?
What is the best way to use splash or flash intro pages?
How do you optimize Javascript within your webpage?
How can you optimize the use of frames within the webpages?
How can you use CSS to hide Keywords in pages that are deficient in Keywords and 

What is site popularity?
Good and Bad SEO Techniques
What are doorway pages?
What are Hallway pages?
Do dynamically generated pages such as with ASP get indexed by the search engines?
What is cloaking?
What are the reasons for which I could get penalized by Google
White hat SEO Techniques
Black hat SEO Techniques
Link Popularity and Linking Strategies
How to give a press release and get instant in-bound links and traffic

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